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McKeon: Drawing has been a big part of my life

Photo Illustration by Bryce Owen ’17 | Carter Mckeon ’17 found a passion in drawing and has submitted much of his work through AP Studio Art.

By Andrew Howard ’17

Carter McKeon ’17 has been drawing since he was young, but he said over time the meaning behind his art began to change.

I first started drawing when I was in elementary school,” he said. “I originally started drawing in art class and when I realized I enjoyed it, I started to draw at home and ever since then drawing has been a big part of my life.”

McKeon said he has drawn hundreds of pieces in his life, and it’s hard to pick a favorite.

“It is hard for me to decide my favorite piece of art but I think it would have to be the pastel portrait of Kendrick Lamar I drew last year,” he said. “That was near the end of my AP Studio Art class and I had been working with pastel for an entire semester so I was very experienced at that point so it is probably my best drawing. Also, I love Kendrick so that helps.”

Mrs. Deb Cronin, who taught McKeon, agreed that his best piece was the pastel of Lamar.

“He caught the lighting and smokiness and atmosphere in that drawing,” she said.

Ms. Cronin also said that despite his best work coming from his ability to create atmosphere, he was always trying new styles and ways to draw, which makes him even more unique as an artist.

McKeon said he has had many struggles drawing, but one struggle stood out to him the most.

“My biggest problem in art is knowing when to stop,” he said. “When you work on a piece of art for so long, especially with a blending technique like pastels, you just want to keep going.  It is sometimes hard for me to stop working on something because I know it can always be better.”

Daniel Weinberger ’17 said McKeon has a very special eye when it comes to his artwork.

“He just has a unique, individual style with an incredible eye for detail,” he said.

Ms. Cronin said that despite his many talents as an artist, he still remains humble.

Carter has no confidence in his art, he thinks everyone is better than he is, but he really turned into the master of pastel work,” she said.

McKeon also said that when you are younger, art has an entirely different meaning, and that as you grow, your art grows too.

“Art has meant a lot to me throughout my life but its meaning has changed,” he said. “When I was a young kid, art was just fun for me. I really didn’t think much about what I was doodling or how I drew things, I just knew I liked it. That is not to say art isn’t fun for me now, because it still is. However, at this point in my life art allows me to express a part of me that not everyone knows. Art is an outlet for me to express how I feel in a way that most people would not really expect.”