McShane suffers heart attack on campus, hopeful to return in January

Photo by Collin McShane ’19 | Mr. Lane McShane rests on his bed in his recovery room at St. Joseph’s Hospital after suffering a heart attack on Nov. 20.

By Alex Cannella ’19



Mr. Lane McShane came to Brophy on Nov. 19 with chest pains. He would leave school during first period in an ambulance.

Mr. McShane mentioned his chest pains to Mr. Steve Smith, who stayed with him throughout the morning. “Mr. Smith is an excellent nurse,” Mr. McShane said.

Mr. Smith alerted Mr. Chris White, who suggested contacting the police and an ambulance immediately. “Any time there’s chest pains involved, it’s an easy 9-1-1 call,” Mr. White said.

Mr. McShane walked down the outside steps of Brophy Hall still unsure of what was going on.

He was put on a stretcher and left campus in an ambulance heading to the emergency room at St. Joseph’s Hospital on Thomas Road.

Ms. Adria Renke and Mrs. Karen Parise followed the sirens to St Joseph’s and spent the morning with Mr. McShane.

At St. Joseph’s, doctors declared Mr. McShane had a heart attack.

He spent three days in the emergency room being monitored and receiving fluids. He returned back to his home on Nov. 22.

He is resting at his home in good health after not having many complications arise in his treatment.

The faculty and staff put together a “Get Well Soon Lane” card for Mr. McShane. Students followed suit with their own rendition of a card saying, We Love You Mr. McShane”.

“The love and support of the Brophy community has truly been overwhelming,” Mr. McShane said.

He will take the rest of the semester to recover at home during the holiday season.

Mrs. Susan MaynardMr. Steve Smith ‘96, and Mr. John Damaso will take over Mr. McShane’s classes as interim teachers until his hopeful return in January.