Michael’s staff offers positivity to students

Photo By: Andrew Brown’18 | The ladies in Michales are commited to serving the Brophy community on a day to day basis.

By Matthew Zacher ’18

The employees of Michael’s Catering Service have a daily presence in the lives of students going through the lunch line.

Brophy’s branch of Michael’s is managed by Ms. Sharon Byers.

“I like doing fun things for the kids,” Ms. Byers said. “We try to do healthy things, we got fun things, and some unhealthy as you know, but we try to do things that the students would like.”

Ms. Byers has spent years working in public schools as well.

“You are all polite, compared to public schools,” she said. “There is a big difference between public schools and this school.”

Ms. Byers said she believes that her staff, which is largely female, has a positive impact on students’ lives.

“We always try to make it fun because it’s your time that you’re not in class,” she said. “We at least want to make it fun, or give you something to eat, or have more choices, to try to give you a break from thinking.”

James Eby ’20 said he believes that the lunch ladies definitely have a positive influence.

“When you see someone smiling, that just makes you happy,” he said. “It’s contagious.”

Eby said that because Brophy is an all boys school, it is important to have a female presence.

“It’s important to get the other side of the story,” he said. “There is still some discrimination that goes on, and I think being an all boys school, we don’t always hear female’s experiences.”

Brenda Chavis is a Michael’s employee and said that her favorite part of her job is the students.

“I love the guys,” she said. “I can be in a bad mood coming to work and after the first couple of minutes working with you guys, it makes me all happy.”

Ms. Chavis said she believes that an all boys school is a very special thing.

“Instead of the boys focusing on trying to impress the girls they’re more focused on their studies,” she said.

Ms. Chavis said that she hopes her and her colleagues have a positive impact on our lives.

“You guys give us respect, we give you respect,” she said. “So it’s a give-and-take situation. The responsibility of you guys having your money ready, and having your decision made even before you get up to the line is very important too.”

Ms. Chavis added that Brophy students have a spiritual impact on her life as well.

“The comradery, the ‘men for others’ aspect and the prayers in the morning and afternoon, we enjoy that.”