Monday Movie Club to screen 80’s flicks

By Gabe Morrison ’17

The Monday Movie Club, which will start the week following Brophy’s Club Fair, plans to provide an environment for students to eat lunch enjoy movies, and be part of a community.

The club, formerly known as the “Terrible Movies: They’re so Bad They’re Good,” will this year focus on 80’s films and will take place in the room of Co-Moderator Mr. Steve Smith ’96, Brophy 203.

“If you want to hang out on Mondays and watch movies with us, great… anyone can join, open club,” said club president Brendan Covert ’17.

Mr. Smith said that he found the club to be stress-free and enjoyable.

“(Monday Movie Club is) A club for everyone, no stress… just come, in eat lunch, watch a movie and have fun,” Mr. Smith said.

Mr. Smith said that the focus of this year’s rendition of the club was to not watch bad movies, but instead to view some of the best movies of that decade.

“Every year it will just have a new theme, so the theme is not in the name anymore, and it’s just Monday Movie Club… So this year it’s Monday Movie Club with classics of the 80s,” Mr. Smith said when describing the evolution of the club from last year.

Covert and Mr. Smith said they have currently slotted “The Karate Kid,” “Back to the Future,” “Top Gun” and “Rocky IV” as the first movies to be watched, but the two anticipate the club will take requests after those movies have been viewed.

Covert said two of the films the club watched last year as the “Terrible Movies” club were “Troll 2” and “Sharknado.”

Though they do not know what their theme will be next year, Covert said that the club is taking suggestions for future themes.

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