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MOY runner up Bhatt pairs intelligence with humility

Photo by Hunter Franklin ’19 | Alex Bhatt ’17 converses with fellow Brophy students in the Student Activity Center.

By Tyler Conrad ’17

It’s hard to go a day on campus without hearing the name Alex Bhatt ’17.

Outside of being a Key Club officer, a member of Future Physicians Club, founder of the Model United Nations, and an editor for The Wrangler, Bhatt’s spirit and positive character have made his name a true staple on campus.

“I think Alex has a depth in spirit, that comes from a place deeper than the average teenager,” said Bhatt’s English teacher Mrs. Deborah Kauffman.

The Roundup named Bhatt a 2017 Man of the Year Runner Up.

Mrs. Kauffman said this maturity may have come from the loss of Bhatt’s father at a young age.

“He carried his father’s ashes in a suitcase throughout the airport to get to the Ganges and put him in that river,” she said.

However, Mrs. Kauffman says Alex’s depth of spirit goes hand in hand with a love for his peers.

“He doesn’t carry around some sort of arrogant ‘I’m smarter than you’,” she said. “He navigates the waters of life in such a way, that you don’t feel like he’s above you in any way shape or form.”

Bhatt himself attributes these personal qualities to his experience at Brophy.

“I can honestly say that I am where I am because of all of the teachings, values and opportunities I have come across at Brophy,” he said.

Bhatt will attend Stanford, where he plans to major in a subject he is passionate about.

“I want to major in something I truly love, whether that is in literature, psychology, or computer science,” he said.
“After that, I wish to matriculate into med school and hopefully become a physician.”

Despite his days at Brophy quickly coming to close, Mrs. Kauffman predicted Bhatt’s influence on campus will last for a great while after he graduates.

“I’ve taught a lot of really brilliant young men, but there’s something timeless about Alex’s case,” she said.

“Everybody has a little of [the Grad at Grad] but Alex is really the embodiment of it,” he said.