New Alumni Service Corps members arrive on campus

By Michael Taszarek ’18


Every year Brophy welcomes new Alumni Service Corps (ASC) volunteers to campus.

This year, there are five new ASC members on campus: Mr. Jerry Aguilera ’13, Mr. Miguel Castillo ’13, Mr. Christopher Dominguez ’13, Mr. Timothy Shimon ’13, and Mr. Griffin Wong, a recent graduate of Boston College.

ASC members do a lot around campus such as teach classes, help coach sports, lead retreats and drive the Loyola Academy buses every day.

“I definitely think a lot of what ASC does is give back to the community in ways that are not always known,” Mr. Dominguez said. “We do jobs that aren’t always on the radar. We are doing a lot of smaller jobs like driving the Loyola bus in the morning and afternoon. Without the ASC people driving the students wouldn’t be able to go to school and wouldn’t be able to participate.”

“I think a cool thing about being about ASC is that we are very close in age to a lot of the students, but we are also in this faculty/moderator position,” Mr. Wong said when asked how he hopes to influence his students. “I hope that we can use that position to go above and beyond for the students.”

ASC members serve for 11 months, so come June 2018, all five members will be moving on. However, they will all take their experiences from the ASC program with them.

“After this program is done I am applying to a graduate forensic psychology program,” Mr. Dominguez said. “I think that this experience will definitely give me a good view on life and a broad range of experiences that can be applied anywhere.”

Mr. Wong is uncertain of what he would like to do after ASC, but he thinks that he would like to stay in education, and he thinks that ASC is preparing him well. “This is a great place to grow not only personally but also professionally,” Mr. Wong said. “You are learning from awesome peers. I feel that especially from the teaching end, it has been a great place to learn.”