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Band In the Works making an imprint on campus

Photo by Cameron Bray ’16 – The band “In the Works” preforms in the Graham Plaza during lunch, Sept. 10.

Graham Armknecht ’18

Over the last year, a band has become more relevant in Brophy culture; the alternative rock band In the Works.

Their members include Noah Self ’18 on the drums, Gabe Morrison ’17 on the keyboard, Riley Morrison ’16 on bass, and Lou Dimuro ’16 playing the guitar, and Xavier students Hannah Welch ’18 and Alex Murray ’17 as the two singers for the band.

“We’re a group of friends that get together and play on Fridays.” said Morrison, “It’s pretty casual, but at the same time we like to make great music. There’s a level of seriousness, but we’re not a crazy hardcore band.”

In their performances, they favor covering more alternative songs, like “Time is Running Out” by Muse, “Fluorescent Adolescent” by the Arctic Monkeys, and other artists like Maroon 5.

“Alternative rock is one of those things where the cords, the singing and all isn’t that difficult to play, but it’s a bunch of fun to listen to,” Morrison said about their alternative rock sound.

In the Works has been around for about a year and a half. With this experience under their belts, naturally they’ve had some close calls.

“We all have weird inside jokes and look at each other during parts of songs and just remember funny stuff that’s happened about gigs and portions of practices.” Morrison said. “We’ve had a number of crazy, by-the-skin-of-our-teeth performances where we forget something or something breaks, and we make it work just before start time. We’ve never had anything of a total disaster happen, and we hope is stays that way.”

Their newest member Self, the drummer, was added into the works in September, through an interesting series of events.

“I was in Mr. Austin Pidgeon’s room  taking a test I was absent for at lunch, and that’s when the guitar club meets, and that’s where I met Riley,” Self said. “He was talking about how he needed a new drummer. After I finished my test, we talked back and forward and I got his number, and he texted me asking me a few questions. I agreed to go practice with them the next Friday. I met everyone and the rest is history.”