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New Mountain Biking club awaits the club fair to begin their season

Photo by Cory Wyman ’16 Students sign up for the new Mountain Bike Club team Sept. 10 at the Student Activities Expo in the Great Hall.

Members will partake in races all across the valley against participating schools

Tanner Nypen ’15

Late last year, the idea for a mountain biking club emerged from the minds of students and teachers.

However, this is not just another club that will be advertised at the club fair, this is a full on mountain biking team that Brophy has formed under the NICA, the National Interscholastic Cycling Association.

“We are planning on four scheduled races in the fall… one is in Tucson, one is in Goodyear, one is on McDowell Mountain and the last one is in Prescott,” said Mr. Pete Burr ’07. “There was upwards of 20 high schools signed up.”

The races are six to 10 miles loops. Riders will race individually but teams will be scored overall for the shortest total time.

Varsity, junior varsity and freshmen will all run the course multiple times depending on what level riders are at.  For example varsity may run the course three or four times.

One student who is currently involved in the early stages of the club is Thad Petty ’14.

“It is a real official thing, you can call it a sport, but because it is so young and new in the state of Arizona itself, it’s more or less considered a club, which is why we are showing the club at the club fair,” Petty said.

After more members join at club fair, the team plans on beginning practices.

“Practices are going to have to depend on who joins the club…, We want to be flexible because Brophy students can be busy people,” Mr. Burr said. “We would love to try two to three times a week… We are definitely going to do big Saturday morning rides.”

Anyone interested in the club or should contact Mr. Burr at