New parking regulations put into place

Carpools enforced, West Lot no longer an option for student drivers

Photo by Cory Wyman '16 -- Students and vehicles flood the parking lot in preperation of the Mass of the Holy Spirit Aug. 23.

Will Schubert ’15

The Dean’s office put new parking restrictions into place due to the closing of the West Lot making parking more difficult for Brophy students.

The West Lot, the dirt lot across Central Avenue, is being developed and no longer available for student parking.

The only new rule this year is that sophomores are no longer allowed to park on campus.

“The no sophomores rule is basically that we give preferential treatment to the juniors and seniors. If we allow the sophomores to drive now the juniors and seniors have nobody to fill their carpools,” said Dean Mr. Pat Higgins.

In the North Lot, students are only allowed to park in the first two rows closest to Brophy.

All students are required to have a carpool to park on campus.

Even though this rule was not enforced as closely in the past few years it has been in the rule book and it is being taken seriously this year.

Many students are angered and confused by these new rules; it is making it difficult for students with no carpool to park because there is limited off-campus parking.

“St. Francis does not need all the parking they have simply because their students do not drive” said Brophy student and driver Mark Frakes ’15.

“It’s a pretty big inconvenience…the North and South parking lots are overcrowded…it used to take me only 10 minutes to get to school, now it takes me 15 or 20,” said Zach Chilar ’15 in a separate interview with The Roundup.

Mr. Higgins said he tries to help the students out by offering them some advice as to where the best places to park on campus are.

“The best places to park on campus are the North Auxiliary Lot and the South Lot,” Mr. Higgins said.

Parking penalties have also been increased. Students who violate parking rules will receive two JUGs instead of one compared to last year.

“We have had very few parking infractions thus far this year which tells me that early on students have understood the message,”  Mr. Higgins said.