New to Brophy, Mr. Jason Svedin Joins the Math and Science Departments

Photo by Quentin Dunnigan ’22 | Mr. Jason Svedin in his Physics Classroom

By Quentin Dunnigan ’22


Teaching both Honors Algebra 2 and Physics, Mr. Jason Svedin has come to Brophy, ready to continue his teaching career at the school. Coming from four years of prior teaching experience, Mr. Svedin joins the existing faculty at Brophy, teaching his many math and science students.

Prior to teaching at Brophy, Mr. Svedin taught at two local, Arizona schools, Poston Butte High School and William Field High School. At these schools, he pursued a teaching career in the math department. Continuing that interest at Brophy, Mr. Svedin teaches both algebra and physics.

Addressing how he heard about Brophy, Mr. Svedin said, “I go to church with [Mr.] Ian Aston and talk to him quite a bit about general math education stuff, and he mentioned where he worked.”

“My sense of Mr. Svedin from knowing him outside of here is that, in terms of mission, he is going to be a great fit,” Mr. Aston said. Knowing him for quite some time from church and family, Mr. Aston said that he was glad to have Mr. Svedin and other new teachers joining the math department. “They were bringing things to the table that we didn’t already have here.”

Other than what he had heard from Mr. Aston, Mr. Svedin explained that he did not know much about the school, its teachers or its students.

Coming into Brophy, Mr. Svedin explained that he was surprised by how well kept, organized and big the campus is. Other than the campus of Brophy, he also said that both the teachers and students he has interacted with are all helpful, friendly, and professional toward him, stating, “I’ve never had my hand shaken or had people say thank you this often.”