New twist in Turkey, Lenten drives encourages increased giving

By Andrew Marini ’13

The way that the annual Turkey and Lenten drive funds have been handled is being changed in the upcoming months.

“In past years, common nonprofit organizations such as St. Vincent DePaul, St. Mary’s Food Bank, St. Joseph the Worker, Nuestros Pequenos Hermanos and others would receive benefits from these drives.” said Assistant Principal for Ministry Mrs. Kim Baldwin.

Turkey drive funds would typically go towards organizations whose aim was to help with hunger particularly during the holidays, while Lenten drive funds went on to help the poor in a more general sense.

Students and faculty formed a committee this year to re-envision how the school should distribute money from the drives and what criteria they were looking for in each organization.

The committee went over everything from who has the best relationships with Brophy, who is in most need and even towards organizations that have to do with that year’s current Summit theme.

The committee made sure there were a balance of organizations that directly help the marginalized compared to those who are trying to create change, as well as a balance of local organizations compared to international organizations.

Once the committee had their recommendations, the Office of Faith and Justice reviewed it before giving it to Principal Mr. Bob Ryan, who gave it the final approval.

The OFJ’s goal is in the future to have a list of organizations before the drives start so they can advertise who students are donating to in an effort to become more transparent. This year’s Turkey Drive they did not know who the money would go to until the drive finished.

“By allowing student to see where their money’s going our main goal is for people to give more,” said Mrs. Kim Baldwin.

A few of the organizations who will benefit from this new program include: St. Vincent De Paul, Homeboy Industries and the Dolores mission, Dignity Catholic Charity which has a mission similar to our summit and Homeward Bound, which is now a significant beneficiary due to the new program being implemented.

“I’m glad Homeward Bound is receiving more attention,” said Dylan Temple ’13. “I know that so many students spend their time there and it’s nice to know they are becoming more recognized.”

See the Office of Faith and Justice for more information about donations and organizations.