‘Paranormal Activity 2’ makes even the toughest men cry

By Jackson Santy ’13

There is no doubt that those who saw “Paranormal Activity” this season, suffered from prolonged insomnia and fear of turning the lights off in the house.

There is no objection that “Paranormal Activity 2” doesn’t fail to deliver the same bone chilling experience.

The focuses on the sister of the main character from the last movie.

After several home break-ins, the family sets up several security cameras around the house, only to find that there are sinister occurrences unfolding.

Throughout the movie, I was at the edge of my seat, dreading the moment that something popped out or a door slammed.

In most of the scenes, the tension is built by off-screen rumbles, slowly increasing in volume, all culminating to a quick, loud and scary moment that makes the entire theatre shriek.

Eventually the grand finale comes. If viewers were unimpressed throughout the movie until this point, your opinions will change instantly.

The movie’s climax will turn audiences from “tough-guy” to “I want my mommy” instantly.

But be warned, the scenes that take place during the day are painfully slow and boring.

The actors should not expect to be nominated for an Oscar this February. The only reason I didn’t fall asleep was because the night scenes left me with goose bumps.

My rating for “Paranormal Activity” is three and half stars, because of the lackluster acting yet great execution of suspense moments.