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PE provides groundwork for healthy lifestyle, stress management

Photo by Bryce Owen ’17 – Students stretch as a part of their P.E. warmup in Robson gymnasium, April 14. P.E. is an important activity for student health and wellness.

By Chase Manson ’16

A recent international study found that for the first time in recorded human history, more people are now considered obese than not.

For many, these numbers come as no surprise as obesity rates have been climbing for years.

The National Institute for Health reports that more than two-thirds of adults are considered obese.  

To counteract the rates, many experts and health professionals have called for mandating more physical education in high schools.

This is a good place to start.

Physical education is currently required for two semesters on campus and Brophy should consider expanding it.

Students can choose from a variety of classes like P.E. weight training and sports medicine.

While two semesters are something, many students who are not on a sports team just take these classes freshman year and that’s it.

If we are to foster a healthy environment, classes like weight training must be a more common occurrence.

There are several benefits to lifestyle programs like promoting healthy habits.  

Students require a foundation for working out and physical education provide an outlet for such means.

P.E teaches how to do basic physical activities and as well teaches students about self acceptance.

To be successful, one must love who they are and appreciate their flaws.

In more Jesuit terms, realize that they are made in the image of God.

Beside a foundation in establishing the presence of physical activity, mandatory P.E is also an excellent way of dealing with stress.

Without dispute, high school students are under a lot of pressure and stress and physical activity can really help with that.

Physical activity has been shown to reduce blood pressure and provide effectives means for stress.

Many students are inactive and many suffer from stress related issues, perhaps making P.E. mandatory for all four years can correct these issues.