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Phoenix Youth Track Club gives athletes a new opportunity

The Phoenix Youth Track Club is a new program offered for track runners to continue their training in the offseason. 

After the 2022 season, student athletes from the Brophy and Xavier track team wanted to keep training in the summer and fall in preparation for the upcoming season. Former Team USA professional Coach Jarret Eaton officially started the club and created an offseason workout program for members. 

Training includes a greater emphasis on weightlifting, which is something that the athletes don’t have much of an opportunity to do in the spring. The program also incorporates team building and mental exercises as well as endurance and conditioning work to help athletes prepare for the season. 

“Due to our smaller numbers, all the athletes are able to get more coaching attention from us resulting in bigger improvements,” said Coach Jarret Eaton. “A more defined year long program results in better performances from all the athletes who participate in it.”

Although they are only training, the club hopes to compete at Northern Arizona University in the winter before kicking off the competitive season in the spring. Brophy runners hope to improve in the 2023 season after a successful season last year that set new personal and school records.

“I love it so much. The coaches are actively trying to make the team closer and incorporating a lot of teamwork, which actually builds relationships,” said Marco Smith ’24. “I’ve had the most growth through this program than any other period of time.”