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‘Pokémon Go’ gives new meaning to gaming despite flaws

Photo by Bryce Owen ’17 | Michael Rowe ’18 poses the Pokémon themed t-shirt from the varsity shop.

By Sam Romero ’17

“Pokemon Go” became an instant success and sensation on the App Store for every Pokemon and non-Pokemon fan when it debuted in the United States July 6.

Prior to being released in the United States, it had constantly been delayed.

Pokemon Go was released in other countries before making it to the United States.

Pokemon Go game is an app one can download to collect and battle Pokemon using your phone to create a first-person player experience.

In the beginning, a player chooses from three Pokemon to be their starter, which is the same as the previous games Nintendo had produced.

Once at level five, one can choose one of three teams (Team Instinct, Valor and Mystic) based on different aspects of Pokemon one agrees with the most.

Collecting Pokemon in this game is a very big part of becoming stronger. Unlike regular Pokemon games, you try to level up yourself, not necessarily your Pokemon.

Instead of each Pokemon having their own level, they have Combat Power players can boost up to make the Pokemon stronger.

One of the main problems in the game is the battling because it is mostly based on strength and has little strategy involved.

You simply tap the screen as fast as you can for your Pokemon to attack. In the Gameboy and DS games, it was all about planning and using attacks and different Pokemon teams with strategy, not spastically hitting one’s phone.

Anther problem with the battling is that you cannot battle other players next to you. The only way to battle is when one is trying to take over a Gym.

Gyms are specific places players can take over for their team and defend with their Pokemon.

Pokestops are a great part of the game. They are located at landmarks and give players items they can use on their adventure.

The way all the maps are done in the game is incredible. Players have to move around in real life.

This gives it the feel that one is actually going Pokemon hunting on their own adventure in the real world.

Players can go to nearby parks, resorts or beaches to find different types of Pokemon depending on their surroundings.

The concept of the game is amazing, but it is too far off from the original premise of Pokemon games.