Pop, rap genres experience wealth of juggernaut albums

Photo Courtesy of Rolling Stone | From the effort of Childish Gambino the genre of neo-soul made a big comeback in 2017.

By Cooper Parson ’20


2017 was a year for music, especially in the genres of rap and pop so what were some of the highlights of music in 2017?

Kendrick Lamar released “DAMN” this year. Two songs that were particularly popular from the album were “HUMBLE.” and “DNA”. This album featured artists like Rihanna and U2.   

Jaden Smith had his new album “Syre” come out. The album is interesting to say the least. It opens with four songs with titles that spell the word blue. The later half of the album has songs that all have a unique sound to them. “Icon” for example has this distorted trumpet playing in the background.

“Flower Boy” was Tyler, The Creator’s newest album that came out this year.

In terms of new rappers from this year one would be Cardi B. She became the first woman to have her first three singles in the Billboard 10 for R&B and Hip-Hop Songs at the same time. With “Bodack Yellow” having recently gone triple platinum she’s definitely made a name for herself already.

Now on to pop, P!nk released her album “Beautiful Trauma” in 2017. This is the artists first new album since her 2012 hit “The Truth About Love”. The album is full of great ballads and pop anthems.

One song off the album to highlight in particular would be “Revenge” which features Eminem.

Lorde is another pop artists with an album out this year. “Melodrama” is the artist’s second album and it was released in June.

The album is more on the alternative side, but you can still find great pop songs in the album like “Green Light”.

This year wasn’t just big for rap and pop, neo-soul also made a come back this year.

Both Childish Gambino and SZA had albums in the neo-soul genre.

This was interesting for Gambino seeing as how he is normally known for being a rapper. SZA on the other hand is an artist who is specifically neo-soul and R&B.

Her debut album “Ctrl” came out June of this year and was very well received.

Two lesser known artists that you should check out from last year are Greta Van Fleet and Maggie Rogers.

Greta Van Fleet is a Led Zeppelin esque rock band that released two EP’s this year.

Between their lead singer’s amazing vocals and their guitarist’s insane skill, you’ll think you’re listening to an album made by rock legends.

Maggie Rogers also released her EP “Now That the Light Is Fading” this year.

Her soft vocals and beautiful lyrics make her easily comparable to the likes of Joni Mitchell.