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Post Office parking lot to improve campus parking

Photo by Cory Wyman ’16 – The anonymously donated POP lot serves to handle the overflow of students requesting parking on the Brophy.

By Anthony Cardellini ’17

The new Post Office parking lot across from 7th Street is ready to handle the overload of student drivers searching for a parking spot in the mornings.

Earlier this year, an anonymous donor gifted a plot of land to Brophy east of 7th Street. The land includes a parking lot that recently closed. While there aren’t specific plans for the permanent use of the land in the future, the school is currently using the space to house extra student parking.

“We always wanted to have more parking available,” said Dean Mr. Pat Higgins. “We know we are a commuter school— we want to make it as easy as we can.”

Originally created to be a sophomore parking lot, Mr. Higgins said the parking lot is as much for juniors and seniors.

The parking lot was mainly created to handle the overflow of drivers, and with Mr. John Buchanan’s estimation of the 100 spots the parking lot contains, it is ready to do just that.

The administration also said that the parking lot can be used for sports games and school events in addition to helping with daily parking.

Because of the target for sophomores, the dean said there has been excitement from this class as to the possibility of being student drivers in their second year at Brophy.

“People were so excited that sophomores with birthdays in April were coming in for passes the day it opened,” Mr. Higgins said.

The parking lot has proved useful for drivers like Tyler Conrad ’17, who said he has been using the lot since a week before its opening.

“I think its really nice for sophomores because a lot of people have working parents and more than one schedule,” Conrad said. “The lot works perfectly for me and I would definitely recommend using it.”

Conrad said that he thinks the number of people using the lot will increase as more and more sophomores get their licenses.

Sophomores can get a parking pass by visiting the Dean’s office and paying $20.