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Quidditch flies through campus as the new club sport

Photo by Kyle Scheuring ’15 | Students in the Quidditch Club practice on the baseball field after school Oct. 31.

By Hunter Cisiewski ’17

While flying broomsticks and magic spells seem like only a “Harry Potter” fantasy, Mr. Cooper Davis ’10 has brought quidditch to Brophy as a new club sport.

Quidditch is a mixed gender contact sport played by hundreds of teams in over 20 countries around the world.

“As a sophomore in college I saw a flyer for the quidditch team and decided to try out for the NAU Narwhales,” Mr. Davis said.

Mr. Davis started Brophy quidditch this year. It is a co-ed group that had a turn out of over 100 kids at the first practice.

Made up of both Brophy and Xavier students, the team has practice most Fridays at the Brophy baseball field.

“While we haven’t played any teams yet, we are working on hosting games at Brophy with refs from the ASU league,” Mr. Davis said.

Quidditch is played with a team of seven; a seeker who tries to catch the golden snitch to end the game, three chasers who score goals by throwing quaffles into hoops, two beaters who use bludgers to interrupt players and one keeper who guards the hoops.

While in the acclaimed “Harry Potter” series the sport is played on flying broomsticks, the players of Brophy run with pvc pipes in between their legs.

Along with Chaparral and Sunnyslope, Brophy will be competing with several other schools in competitive matches.

“Chaparral will probably be our biggest competitor because there is already a rivalry, so most likely they will bring it to quidditch,” Mr. Davis said.

Trey Davis ’17 is the team captain and co-founder of the club, and younger brother of Mr. Davis.

“I think once we start playing other schools we will be the dominant team,” Trey Davis said.

Although it is the first year, quidditch has the potential to become a mainstream club sport for Brophy, according to the coach.

“If there is enough interest I would think about expanding to having more teams,” Mr. Davis said.

As the state representative from Arizona’s Quidditch League, Mr. Davis is working on building a real league for high schools in Phoenix.