Robson Gym, Info Commons evolve, improve through the years

By Roan Enright ’13

More than 45 years after building the Robson Gym, the Kemper and Ethel Marley Info Commons has evolved into what we see today.

Originally the gym was built in the early 1960s and the present Info Commons was a storage facility.

“The original plan for the gym included the basement, though plans were that it would be a large meeting space with a limited kitchen and serving facilities.  “That never happened,” said the Rev. Lou Bishop, S.J.

The storage facility later gave some space for a weight room and a drama room as well.

“When it was built it was the largest gym in the entire state,” said Athletic Director Mr. John Chambers.

Mr. Chambers said the gym hasn’t changed a lot over the years besides new floors and new bleachers.

At times the gym was used as a practice facility for professional teams like the Phoenix Suns and even a professional volleyball team called the Phoenix Heat.

“Let’s just say that it has worked out over the years,” Fr. Bishop said.

Fr. Bishop said there where tunnels that connected the gym and the basement to the air conditioning room but they were filled.

In 2001 Brophy decided to create what is now called the Info Commons from the old gym basement.

“We realized it would be a great place to put in a new library, and that it really is going to be something more than that,” said the Rev. Eddie Reese, S.J., Brophy’s president.