Roundup hopes to provide forum

By Cameron M. Bray ’16

Hey Broncos,

This is just a quick message from The Roundup letting you know how you can get your writing featured in the paper.

To explain, let’s start with a question:

Have you ever read an opinion column that you completely disagreed with or thought was dead wrong? Or have you ever read one that you just loved—one that you thought just spelled out every argument with complete correctness and clarity?

Either way, you have the ability to respond and let that writer and the school community know exactly how you feel.

Simply write us a letter to the editor explaining how you feel after reading a certain opinion column and email it to roundup@brophyprep.org or drop it off in Mr. Mica Mulloy’s ’99 room, E331.

Please check out our letters to the editor policy printed in this section, but we’ll do all the hard work of editing it and making sure it’s fit to print.

It’s that easy to get your own opinion featured in The Roundup.

So why not try it yourself?

We at The Roundup believe deeply that one of the press’s ultimate responsibilities is to provide an open forum for public commentary, criticism and debate.

And that’s what we are aiming to provide you here: an open forum where you, the students, can have a voice.

So why not participate in this forum we’ve created?

Send us your letters and we’ll collaborate with you to get them published.

Please email Anthony Cardellini ’17 at acardellini17@brophybroncos.org, Mr. Mulloy at mmulloy@brophybroncos.org, or myself at Cbray16@brophybroncos.org if you have any questions or are interested.