Roundup launches new multimedia project

Roundup debuts ‘Soul of Brophy’ stories

By Michael Mandeville ’11
Managing Editor

Throughout the Brophy community there breathes a multitude of idiosyncrasies that illustrate the “soul” of what we are all a part of.

Between the diversity students and faculty all contribute to and the traditions that pulse year after year, the “Soul of Brophy” makes known all of these characteristics and more importantly answers our underlining question: What makes Brophy “Brophy?”

The Roundup is embarking on a multimedia project this year that attempts to capture specific aspects of Brophy that help us further understand what the “Soul of Brophy” actually is. Stories may range from sporting events all the way to more introspective profiles on students.

The common thread all these stories will have is that they will aid our quest to discover this radiating energy that is our soul.

Click here to see the individual projects from The Roundup’s “Soul of Brophy.”

“Soul of Brophy” Projects for this Year:

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