Roundup makes online changes

By Dallas Ducar ’10 & Andrew Atallah ’10
The Roundup

Good morning, Brophy!

Just a few quick announcements before we begin this year at The Roundup from Editors in Chief Dallas Ducar ’10 and Andrew Atallah ’10.

•         This year The Roundup staff is focusing on reaching out to the Brophy student body in a more interactive and efficient manner. The world of news is changing, and so is the way The Roundup covers the Brophy community. You should expect more online news and multimedia features.
•         In an attempt to communicate more quickly with students, The Roundup staff is also in the process of revamping our Web site in order to make it more accessible. This site is located at
•         In addition, there are exclusive articles only posted to the new Roundup site. This includes information concerning past happenings, sports games and upcoming events.
•         In other news, we created a Roundup Facebook page. Search for “The Brophy Roundup” and become a fan. As more people become “fans” of The Roundup, we will be able to distribute information relating to Brophy at a greater speed, and to a wider range of people.
•         Finally, The Roundup will also be posting more current and timely sports stories to the Web site where students can find more up to date scores and information, and comment on recent games and sports events.

Please feel free to e-mail us with any comments or suggestions you may for The Roundup. We can be reached at or


  • Chris T. October 5, 2009

    Is it really a wise idea to let just anybody post comments? Someday this site might get hit by a wave of spambots if you’re not careful.

    Anyway, the site looks great! It’s nice to be able to view content online.

  • J.Coltin November 1, 2009

    Just looked around the website for the first time after seeing a post on Facebook and I’m very impressed. The Republic barely had a thing on Friday’s game and I’ve been dying for details all weekend…but now I’m satisfied!

    Well done, looking forward to reading tomorrow’s print edition.

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