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Runner-Up Swaminathan shows intellectual depth, sociability

Photo by Hayden Corwin ’15 – Anand Swaminathan ’15 is Chief Editor of The Wrangler, the Literary Editor for BLAM, and participates in Student Council.

By Anthony Cardellini ’17 & Gabe Morrison ’17

For Anand Swaminathan ’15, school work, love of Brophy and social activeness come in a tight package.

These are some of the reasons The Roundup selected Swaminathan as “Man of the Year” runner-up.

Swaminathan is the literary editor for the Brophy Literary and Arts Magazine, the chief editor of The Wrangler and a member of Student Council.

Close friend Kabir Marwah ’15 said that while most of their mutual friends hang out in their free seventh period, Swaminathan uses it to work on these commitments.

Marwah also noted his kindness and approachability in social situations.

“He’s always willing to talk to everyone. Anand is probably the smartest kid a lot of people know, just because he is so outgoing,” Marwah said.

He added that he met Swaminathan when the two of them were in Advanced Placement Biology as freshmen.

“I was the only kid who came to Brophy from my middle school, and he took the initiative to reach out to me at first, introduce himself … he was one of the first kids at Brophy to reach out to me, as a friend,” Marwah said.

Marwah also said that Swaminathan was willing to discuss deep topics.

“We’ve had some really late-at-night talks about philosophy,” Marwah said.

Mr. John Damaso ’97 agreed that Swaminathan is very approachable but also has an impressive mind.

“As opposed to being an unapproachable intellect, he’s one of those approachable intellects … And he’s got a pure love of Brophy. I think ‘depth’ is a really good word for Anand… a lot of kids at Brophy have what looks like a broad world view but have only scratched at the surface,” Mr. Damaso said.

Mr. Damaso said Swaminathan distinguished himself from other students through his ability to build on his peers’ insights, as well as his view of satire as something to start important conversations.

“What I really noticed his junior year was his ability to engage his classmates and to bring everyone up to a higher level of discourse. He was really good at building on what other people were saying during the class,” Mr. Damaso said.