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Senior Carter remains humble despite recognition

Photo by Cory Wyman ’16 – Race Carter ’15 is known as a guy on campus with a lot of school spirit, attending games and supporting his school.

By William Joseph Borders IV ’16

Amidst the Big Brother program, Student Council, leading Kairos, writing for The Wrangler and many more activities, Race Carter ’15 has maintained high grades and a humble personality.

“He left an immediately good first impression. Race is the kinda guy who smiles with his whole body and when he asks you how you’re doing, he really means it,” said Mr. Mike Welty ’83.

Carter said he has grown closer to God through his experiences at Brophy and looks to continue his level of involvement.

“I know finding God here and really finding a community built on propelling people forward to the future is more than great,” Carter said. “Brophy’s motto of ‘setting the world on fire’ is something I have really taken to heart.”

Carter said that Student Council has been his favorite part of Brophy thus far.

“Being apart of the events that really excite the student body, bring us together and attract crowds is something special to me because it’s a time where we can really be unified, and it’s a time where we can enjoy what Brophy has to offer,” Carter said.

Carter has a kindness to him that few posses, but many desire.

“What distinguishes Race though I think, is his extreme niceness,” Mr. Welty said. “I think he universally comes to school everyday with this open and honest attempt to see the people around him and to do his best for them.”

Carter said one reason he maintains his grades are because of the healthy relationship he has with all his teachers.

“I’ve never had a teacher that I disliked, or a class that has been boring to me. I’ve never gotten a B in a class because I’ve never fallen asleep to tell you the truth,” Carter said.

He said he looks to strive in his education at the next level in a big public college, studying business and philosophy.

“I think that really well rounded people need to be involved in all walks of life. He’s kind of a people person and I know he could get the best out of what he does in the future,” Mr. Welty said.