Senior Hoyt brings leadership beyond the boat

Photo provided by Brophy Crew Instagram — Chase Hoyt ’15 practices on an erg as teammate Brian Loh ’15 watches.

Hoyt drawn to the community of the sport, follows in brother’s footsteps

By Carter Santini ’15

The crew team nominated Chase Hoyt ’15 as team captain at the beginning of this school year.

Brian Loh ’15 is a senior and Hoyt’s friend.

Loh said he has enjoyed watching Hoyt grow as an athlete.

“He’s one of the hardest workers on the team,” Loh said “He wasn’t always the fastest or the best rower but he’s the most improved.”

Hoyt joined the team his freshman year and said he fell in love with it instantly.

“Both my brothers rowed, so they encouraged me to try it,” Hoyt said.

Hoyt said he has a love for the sport but he’s more drawn to the community that crew has built.

“The encouragement and friendship is great, crew is like my second home,” Hoyt said.

Hoyt said he couldn’t pick a specific proudest moment, but every day the coaches give him praise that keeps him coming back.

His daily leadership role is keeping everyone focused, mostly in the setup time,  said Lukas Zygas ’15.

Chase helps keep the flow of things going and helps us spend as much time on the water that we possibly can,” Zygas said.

Zygas said that Hoyt’s charismatic attitude and friendly face goes a long way after a long afternoon of rowing.

Hoyt said he has not decided whether he will continue to row in college because colleges focus more on the fitness than the community.

Hoyt makes an impact in the classroom as well, according to his junior year Spanish teacher Mrs. Catharine Steffens.

“He has an amazing ability to bring those around him up,” Mrs. Steffens said. “He didn’t always get things right away but he would work incredibly hard to understand it.”

Mrs. Steffens said that while Hoyt is quiet and respectful in class he knows how to contribute to the discussion and lead.

In addition to crew Hoyt is also on the executive board of the Family to Family Foundation.