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Soccer defeats rival Hamilton in PK’s for second straight title

Brophy 1
Hamilton 0

By Chase Bayless ’15

The Brophy soccer team was able to secure their second straight Division 1 state championship with a 1-0 victory over the Hamilton Huskies Saturday, Feb. 15, after going 4-2 in penalty kicks.

The top two ranked teams in Arizona were scoreless at the end of regulation, leading to the game being decided by penalty kicks.

After the Broncos pulled ahead to a 3-2 lead, forward Fergus Shanks ’15 ended it with the game winning goal. Goalie Phil Mourikes ’14 had two saves in the penalty shootout, which gave Shanks the opportunity to win the match.

Led by first year head coach Mr. Noah Lewkowitz ’98, Brophy defended their title as state champs capping off the season with a 22-2 overall record and 9-0 sectional record.