Soccer shuts out Mountain Pointe 5-0

Brophy 5
Mountain Pointe 0

By Jonathan M. Gornet ’14

Photo by Christian Schroeder '12 - Freshman Javier Bernaldo fights for the ball against Mountain Pointe
Photo by Christian Schroeder '12 - Freshman Javier Bernaldo fights for the ball against Mountain Pointe

Two different Broncos each scored two goals Jan. 6 as Brophy’s soccer squad defeated the Mountain Pointe Pride 5-0 at the Brophy Sports Complex.

The win was from the whole team’s effort, said coach Mr. Marc Kelly ’87.

“Well I thought we did well today with 5-0 result getting goals from several different guys and with Riggs landing with two, Ryan Grotjohn with two, and David Lane had one, but overall we had a very good result,” Mr. Kelly said.

Mr. Kelly also said they had a couple of advantages in this game.

“Well, first of all when we have a big field like this and we pass the ball around a lot. And when we pass the ball around a lot the other team has to chase it because they don’t have it,” Mr. Kelly said.  “And what happens is when we make them chase the ball a lot, they get very tired and later on in the game you can see that they don’t have a lot of energy to be able to chase the ball as much and that’s when the goals start to happen.”

Ryan Grotjohn ’13 was one of two players who kicked in two goals, one of them being a free kick.

“Well that’s the spot I have been practicing forever,” Grotjohn said.  “After practice we usually hit some balls if we wanted to, so that usually the spot I usually hit from and I finally got a chance in the game.”

Grotjohn also said that this was one of his favorite kicks.

“I had one in the tournament too, it was kinda like that one but I like this one better,” Grotjohn said.

Riggs Lennon ’13 knocked in Brophy’s first goal about 20 minutes into the first half.  Grotjohn scored with about 12 minutes left into the half, and gave Brophy its 2-0 lead at the intermission.  David Lane ’13 scored first for Brophy in the second half with about 31 minutes remaining.

Lennon scored his second goal of the game with about 22 minutes left making the score 4-0.

Less than two minutes later, Grotjohn booted in his second goal of the game, giving the Broncos a 5-0 advantage.

Grotjohn said the team’s overall performance was great.

“I thought we did well as a team definitely we communicated pretty well, It was great overall performance,” Grotjohn said.