St. Mary’s rivalry dying with lack of emphasis

By Alex Stanley ’12
The Roundup

How many of us remember the thrill of smashing an old green beat-up car with a sledgehammer?

Sadly, that number is considerably smaller as the St. Mary’s game yielded no traditional rally this year, and last year’s rally had no car to demolish.

This year, the events surrounding the St. Mary’s football game seemed very dull for a major rivalry game.

It seemed as if it was just another football game in the Brophy season.

The only events that signified a game with our longtime rivals was the sale of St. Mary’s t-shirts, and a rally for those students who sold magazines to help boost school funds, although the rally was not specifically themed around the St. Mary’s rivalry.

It is definitely important to highlight the magazine drive, and a rally only for those who sold magazines is a great way to get students involved.

But at the same time it is no replacement for the rally that should be in its place, or in addition to it.

This left something noticeably empty in the overall hype and spirit surrounding this year’s game.

The freshman class is definitely missing out on something that makes Brophy different from other schools, and the St. Mary’s rally is one of the many excitements of being a Brophy Bronco.

I hope that there is at least one rally later this season, or in the playoffs, so that the Class of 2014 can get a taste of what they are like.

No one can say for sure if this year’s game would have turned out differently if the student body had smashed a green car.

Probably not.

But getting fans excited for a game never hurts.