Staff editorial gives newspaper a voice on current issues

By Eric Villanueva ’11
Co Editor in Chief/THE ROUNDUP

In this edition, The Roundup published a staff editorial about the highly-debated SB 1070.

Instead of an opinion article bearing only the views of the author, a staff editorial is written by a board of editors and it states the opinion of the newspaper on local, state and national issues.

A staff editorial gives a voice to the publication as a whole on behalf of its readers.

Newspapers use staff editorials to take a stand, call for change and/or action, recognize community members and award commendation.

The Roundup staff editorial board consists of Co-Editors in Chief Ian Beck ’12 and Eric Villanueva ’11, Managing Editor Michael Mandeville ’11 and News Editor Rohan Anderson ’12.

Last year, The Roundup published two staff editorials about satire in newspapers and Robby Mayasich ’10 as Man of the Year.

Look for more frequent staff editorials this year.

As always, we value your opinion so tell us what you think.

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