Staff Editorial: Summit should inspire year-round discussion

The Issue: With the Summit over the issue of restorative justice could disappear or fade out of discussion on campus during the rest of the school year.

Our Stance: Students and clubs should be more involved with restorative justice outside of Summit.

The topic for this year’s Summit on Human Dignity was restorative justice, which is huge in terms of human dignity as far as the way we treat victims, prisoners and the morality of incarceration.

This topic is important as much as the right to life and any other human dignity issues, club and organizations focus on.

We hope the two-week Summit sparked enough interest in the topic to change this.

So why isn’t this topic more widely discussed on campus outside of the Summit? At the time of writing this, there are no clubs that deal specifically with restorative justice or the prison system.

Students should be open to all issues and there is passion all over campus to improve treatment of people. We as a school largely do a great job of covering and advocating for human dignity and the respect of human rights.

But if restorative justice is such an important topic that we built a Summit around it, there should be more programs that allow for discussion or advocate for change within the justice system.

Summits should inspire students to action. Now that Summit is over, restorative justice should not be forgotten and pushed under the rug.

Students banding together for this topic as much as they do with any other human right/dignity topic could bring about great change in the criminal justice system.

We spent spending two weeks discussing this issue. That should open the door for more discussion among students year-round just like any other topic such as the environment, abortion and illegal immigration.

By Austin Norville ’15

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