Start your 4-Day weekend with Casino Night

By Sean Harris ’11

In students’ stressful lives at Brophy, one has to take advantage of a vacation whenever possible.

This weekend, starting after school dismisses Oct. 8, is one of those times, and students have a diocesan faculty in-service as well as Christopher Columbus to thank. There will not be classes Friday, Oct. 9 or Monday, Oct. 12.

For those staying in town, Harper Great Hall will be transformed Thursday night into a full blown casino where luck reigns supreme for Brophy’s Casino Night.

The event will be the extension of a Xavier-Desert Vista matchup that starts at 6 p.m in Brophy’s gym. Casino Night starts at 7:30 p.m and will go to 11.

During Casino Night there will be a Texas Hold ’Em tournament with the opportunity to win prizes totaling $2,000 dollars. Students may also bring in canned food to earn extra poker chips.

After the last card has been dealt, there will also be a Friday Night Lights setting in the gym and at the football field, complete with free food and drinks.