Student body, administration call for immigration reform

By Garrison Murphy ’15

A letter sent out by Principal Mr. Bob Ryan in September regarding activism for immigration reform struck a chord within the student body.

The purpose of the email, originally sent Sept. 19, was to inform students and faculty of the upcoming events immigration reform.

In the email, Mr. Ryan referenced a recent letter sent by the Rev. Mike Weiler SJ that touched upon immigration reform within the United States.

“In response to Fr. Weiler’s letter, Brophy is organizing a variety of events over the next four weeks that will seek to engage our entire community in prayer, conversation and reflection and in advocacy for a humane and just solution to our current immigration system,” Mr. Ryan wrote.

Some of the student body share the same view point and will choose to partake in many of the events described in the email such as fasting and praying.

“I think it is a great thing that Brophy helps,” said immigration reform activist Carlos Lizarraga 15. “It means that we show support for all others,”

Lizarraga said that he has attended a rally in support of immigration reform this month along with other members of the Hermanos Unidos club.

So far, six faculty members have shown interest in participating, according to the sign up page on the Brophy website.

“I have been advocating this for years,” said immigration reform committee member Deacon Joe Stickney. “We are a Jesuit school …this is who we are as a ‘Company of Jesus’ school.

While many students have chosen to partake in the events described in the email such as fasting and praying, not everyone agrees with the school’s position.

“It isn’t our place as a school to get involved politically,” said David Hall 15.

The main activities such as fasting at lunch and a series of speaking events began Sept. 29 and ended Oct 10according to Mr. Ryans letter.