Student leaders give advice to students

By Chase Stevens ’12

While many Brophy students are exemplary role models, there are some that step up and help lead the community.

Keith Bender ’11 and Jeff Coltin ’11 are two of those leaders who show others how to act.

Bender helps out Brophy anyway he can.

“I’m involved in Student Council, The Wrangler, The League of Extraordinarily Classy Gentlemen, Campus Prayer Leaders, and the Red and White Club (Admissions Office ambassador program),” Bender said.

While he has done many things at Brophy, there are some accomplishments that Bender said he is specifically proud of.

Launching The Wrangler was one of my proudest days at Brophy, but I think that seeing the Class of 2011 come together in the last several months of this year tops that,” he said.

Specifically, Bender has one thing that he most proud of:

“I’m proud of any part I can play in bringing our class together and making our ties stronger before we graduate.”

Bender had some advice for the underclassmen.

“Senior year isn’t a time to begin working hard, it is a time to reap the rewards of three years of hard work in high school…Don’t succumb to mindless passivity: constantly set goals for yourself and embrace the view that every day is a chance to fulfill them,” he said.

Coltin said he also has good memories of Brophy.

“I’m a leader in Student Council, ex-co-president of Big Brothers, the vice chairman of the League of Extraordinary Classy Gentlemen, the secretary of the Family to Family club, a member of NHS and I did the fall play and the spring musical,” he said.

When reflecting on his high school experience, Coltin had some advice for the younger students at Brophy:

“Go to everything. There are more important things than homework, and that is the high school experience. So go out and do stuff.”