Student literature displayed at BLAM reading

By Michael Moroney ’13

Brophy students showcased their writing in “An Evening with Brophy Writers” with oral presentations of their work at the Fine Arts Extravaganza Tuesday, Nov. 23.

The Brophy Literary & Arts Magazine, or BLAM, hosted the reading in the Eller Faculty Lounge in a hip, coffee house type environment, making a comfortable place for students to read. Instead of applauding the readers, the audience would “snap” after each presentation to show their appreciation.

There were many different types of literature including poetry, creative non-fiction and fiction. A contest was held in each of these three categories; first place receiving $100 and second $50.

First place in the poetry category was “Mi Amor by Night,” a story about Mexican food by Trey Petznick ’11.

A dual-reading team of Colin Marston ’13 and Chris Perkins ’11 wrote a reflective poem called “If Versus When” ending with an acrostic spelling the word “liberation,” gaining them second place.

In the creative non-fiction group, JP Malham’12 won first prize for “Me in Three” after reading a comical description of daydreaming in class about being his favorite comic, poet and actor.

Jack Flynn ’13 creatively depicted fond memories of his for an English assignment, entitled “The Strokes of Sin and Sincerity,” and read aloud a revised version of the stories.

The extremely descriptive story about two dear friends read by Jorge Williams ’11, called “Birthday Shower” won first prize in fiction while Sean Harris ’11 was the runner-up with his thrilling tale of a murder investigation called “The Fourth Room.”

Overall, there were 19 students who read 30 different pieces, all in their own unique style.

Another notable reading was by John Borst ’11 who wrote a riveting story, “Homecoming,” which is the beginning of a novel he is working on. Also, Jackson Santy ’13 wrote a tribute poem about the recent passing of his uncle.

Editor’s Note: In the interest of full disclosure, Colin Marston, Sean Harris and Jackson Santy are Roundup staff members, but did not take part in the production of this blog post.