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Students attend Super Bowl, celebrate victory

Photo courtesy of the Metzler family – Ryan Metzler ’16 attended Super Bowl 49. The New England Patriots won 28-24 over the Seattle Seahawks at University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale.

By Jack McAuslan ’16

Every year, one sporting event is watched by millions of Americans and is then talked and written about for weeks after.

This year, Super Bowl XLIX, “49,” was hosted in Brophy’s backyard at University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale.

Seahawks and Patriots fans from the two most northernly parts of the continental United States traveled here to see their home teams duke it out in the most watched sporting event in America.

Some students were lucky enough to attend this year’s Super Bowl.

“The Super Bowl was exciting, awesome, loud, thrilling, and was a great experience,” said Ryan Metzler ’16.

“As a Patriots fan, it is something that I would put on my bucket list, to go to a Super Bowl that the Patriots play in and win in the end,” he said.

Metzler said that going to the Super Bowl was one of the best experiences in his life so far and he would definitely go again if he had the chance.

Jack Katzman ’15 also attended the Super Bowl and had a similar experience.

“I went with my family and we were lucky enough to have seats really close to the field, I was on the Seahawks’ sideline at about the 10 yard line in the third row,” Katzman said.  “I think Tom Brady is one of the best quarterbacks of all time and was pulling for him to win another Super Bowl.

“It is by far the most exciting sporting event I have ever been to,” Katzman said.

Of course when the two best teams in the NFL play in an event as big and important as this one, it is going to make for an incredibly close game.

“I have been lucky enough to go to three Super Bowls to this point, and every single game has been decided by four points or fewer,” Katzman said.

This year the Patriots beat out the Seahawks on a game-winning interception on the goal line.

“The most surprising thing for everyone was the interception at the end of the game,” said Metzler.  “We Patriots fans were all really nervous when the Seahawks were that close to the goal line with such little time.  When the interception happened we all freaked out.”

The big game was attended by 70,288 people on Feb. 1.