Students document immersion trips through blogs

By Julian De Ocampo ’13

Photo from 2012 El Salvador Immersion Trip - Students pose for a photo in El Salvador during their immersion trip.

The countries of South America may be a popular tourist destination for many, but the Brophy students who ventured to Argentina, El Salvador and Peru this summer weren’t there just to relax – they were there to serve and learn.

These students and their faculty leaders spent weeks in the three countries as part of Brophy’s immersion program run through the Office of Faith and Justice.

Immersion participants documented their experience for the world to read in the form of summer immersion trip blogs.

The blog detailing students’ experiences in Argentina, unique for being Brophy’s first exchange program, can be found here.

Students who traveled to El Salvador examined “Poverty, immigration, war(and) the Church as herald for justice,” according to the OFJ website. The El Salvador blog can be found here.

Lastly, Mr. Lloyd Daggett led several students to Peru, where they mingled with Peruvian children and contructed a building for them to study in. Their experiences are recounted in their blog found here.

More information about the OFJ immersion programs, all the trips and applying to travel can be found on the Brophy website here.