Students given chance to get flu shots

By P.J. Binsfeld ’15

Students had the opportunity to get their flu shots on campus from the Mollen Immunization clinics Monday, Oct 1.

“Influenza is a highly contagious illness that makes healthy people feel miserable and can be very serious in patients with chronic diseases–especially lung and heart disease,” said Dr. Charles Pollack, the Chairman of the Department of Emergency Medicine at Pennsylvania Hospital in Philadelphia, Penn.

“Influenza vaccination is a simple personal health measure that provides both personal and societal benefit,” Dr. Pollack said in an email interview. “By protecting one’s self with immunization, one also protects others from potential exposure.  Unfortunately, a flu shot doesn’t give complete protection from viral illnesses that are transmitted in the close quarters that winter weather encourages … but it nonetheless remains a highly effective and cost-effective personal health measure.”

There was a total turnout of 80 students, including Loyola Academy.  If someone registered for a flu shot, and was not able to get it, you can go to any Mollen Clinic.