Students look to jobs to provide more than money

Photo by Alec Vick ’15 — Nick Park ’15 reading the U-Haul News. Park works at the U-Haul Corporate Offices in Downtown Phoenix.

By William Joseph Borders IV ’16

One out of every four students over the age of 16 has a job.

Many students in the United States get jobs because their family needs the support and financial aid.

Others find work to get experience for the future, and some work for fun.

Some students attempt to find work through social media and with the use of the Internet.

“Quad is a social media app where you can do group chats without having an iPhone or an Android, and I have been a student ambassador for the app for six months,” said Jack Fevurly ’17.

Fevurly also manages to have another job working for AZ Air Time as a safety referee.

AZ AirTime is an indoor trampoline park located in Scottsdale.

Jaiden Michalides ’16 works part time for Chick Fil A.

He has been working there for five months.

“It’s nice to have that sense of community because I don’t have time for sports,” Michalides said.

Jobs present students with the opportunity to work with other students that are the same age, and this opens a social door.

“I get to learn a lot about being on a team and working with other people, it helps a lot,” Michalides said.

Fevurly echoed that statement.

“I think it’s beneficial because you are learning different skills and how you are going to work with different people,” Fevurly said.

Work can take away time from school or being social with friends and family, and students make the decision of how important the two are compared to one another.

“As long as you’re not working stupid ridiculous hours and you’re up really late at night, which I kind of am,” Michalides said. “But that’s just life.”