Students of past responsible for Brophy’s reputation

By Mason Smith ’11
The Roundup

Brophy’s students have gone through a lot of different transformations over the years; from wearing shirts and ties, to tucked in shirts, to Tablets and more.

Brophy itself has gone through many different changes as well.

The school is now 60 percent bigger since Fr. Eddie Reese S.J. took the title of president.

Brophy students have always had the reputation of being gentlemen and religious.

With the change in school, the students have changed also, some for better and some for worse.

At one point in Brophy’s not so distant history, the students actually had their shirts tucked in the entire day and had to use pen, paper and books instead of Tablets.

Call me crazy, but those are the type of people that earned Brophy the reputation it has today.

Those students couldn’t be distracted by the different websites and games that are available to the current student.

They had to pay attention and take notes to receive a good grade.

Today, the student body is easily distracted with different websites and games. And why pay attention if all the information is online?

That being said, the Tablets are a great resource when they are needed, but they’re not always used as they should.

If a friend is sitting next to someone taking notes, the notes can easily be e-mailed and the student not paying attention has them.

In order for the students to get notes in the past, he would have to ask a friend if he could borrow his notes to take them down—by hand.

Don’t get the wrong idea here, the students now are pretty great, they are still getting into Stanford and MIT.

But the students of the past really nailed it with their work ethics.

Students today can really learn from their elders so that they can be seen in an equally positive light.