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Students search for convenient, local food after school

Photo by Isaac Myers ’18 – Brophy and Xavier students eat outside at Flower Child. Many students eat out Friday afternoons because of the 1pm dismissal.

By Luis Torres ’16

Monday through Thursday, students get their lunches from their mini-refrigerators or a pizza and Gatorade from Michael’s Cafeteria.

But what about Fridays?

Although Michael’s Cafeteria is open after the final bell on Friday, many students go elsewhere to satisfy their taste buds.

“I usually got to Sauce with a bunch of my buddies after school,” said Bryce Dyer ’19. “If we’re not feeling Sauce, we go to either Flower Child or AJ’s.”

Sauce, AJ’s Fine Foods, Flower Child, Jersey Mike’s and many others are all a short walk north of Brophy’s campus making it the eating hub for underclassmen, according to Patrick Jackson ’19.

“I go and eat at either Sauce or AJ’s with friends,” Jackson said.

However Jackson doesn’t always go out to eat.

“More often than not I just bring a snack and eat at home,” Jackson said.

Jackson already has a list of places to eat once he can drive.

“I would definitely go to either Chipotle or In-N-Out,” Jackson said.

For Michael Grindey ’18 driving is the very reason he can’t go out to eat after school. From football practice, to auditions for the play, Grindey is on a tight schedule that limits where and when he can eat.

“I live 45 minutes away without traffic, so we’re more concerned with getting home rather than eating,” Grindey said. “I usually go home and eat there. Sometimes I take my lunch and eat it on the way to practice.”

“I wish I had more time to eat,” Grindey said.