Summit hits harder than last year

By Dillan J. Ducar ’13

Brophy has a reputation for scholarly excellence in central Phoenix so it is no surprise that no other high school has an event like the Summit on Human Dignity, where we take time from our studies to express a much higher cause.

Though the Summit is always a highlight, this year’s topic of food was what I believe to be a harder hitting subject than last year’s focus on the economy.

We were shown how diet related disease has been on the rise, as our American meal standards decreased in quality.

The United States has had one of the highest standards of living for years, and to eat low quality food in a country like ours is inconceivable. It either shows a lack of personal concern or education.

Some students such as Joe Boesch ’13 have not only started to change their diet but also are making more of an effort towards supporting local suppliers.

“I have stopped drinking sugary sodas and have limited snacking a lot. I have also tried to eat at local places more often,” Boesch said. “Eating somewhere local like Mamma Mia’s for the same price as Michael’s or McDonald’s is an awesome alternative.”

The reason this summit seemed stronger than last is because, unlike with overseas workers and complex financial equations, we can relate to food. We see and eat it every day, and we can make immediate connections on what we can do about it.

Some students have taken a more active approach to healthy living such as Kieran Martin ’13, who recently planted his own garden.

“The main thing that inspired me to try to grow my own garden was learning about the chemicals that are added to our food,” Martin said. “I’ve been bringing healthier foods, like salads, to school too instead of buying lunch from Michael’s.”

Many students have changed their diets along with the way they view food because of the power of this year’s summit, more people will be inclined to eat healthier now rather than to grab the nearest piece of processed junk food.