Summit speakers to bring insight on masculinity

Summit committee draws from a number of sources to provide the best selection of speakers

By P. Erik Meyer ’14

The speakers for this year’s Summit on Human Dignity will be focusing on the topic of masculinity.

At least three speakers from various backgrounds will help to spread awareness to Brophy students about the problems and issues revolving around men and their actions.

Dr. Michael Kimmel

One of the speakers is Dr. Michael Kimmel, who is a sociology professor from Stony Brook University in New York.

“He is the most popular person studying masculinity right now,” said Mr. Ryan Hubbell.

He visited  Virginia Tech after the shooting and was one of Mr. Hubbell’s former professors.

Amira B.

The second speaker is “Amira B.,” who was a victim of sex trafficking.

She was sold into slavery and was held captive near 7th Street and Indian School.

Rev. Radmar Jao, S. J.

The Rev. Radmar Jao, S.J. is the third speaker. He is a Jesuit from San Francisco.

Fr. Jao works as a Jesuit vocation promoter for the California Province.

These speakers will be joined by an assortment of other guests that have yet to be announced  by the Summit Committee.