Sun Corridor becomes Brophy’s new internet service provider

By Xander Welty


At the end of the 2019-2020 school year, Brophy’s contract with its old internet provider ended which meant we had to find a new internet provider.

The winner of the bid to be Brophy’s new internet provider was a company called Sun Corridor.

Mr. Mica Mulloy ’99, the assistant principal for technology, explained that, “We get our internet connection using a federal discount program called E-Rate… Whenever our contract is up with a certain internet provider, the E-Rate process mandates that we go out for a competitive bid.”

A competitive bid means that Brophy sets terms for a new contract and companies from all over the country make offers to be the schools new internet provider. This bid, as stated earlier, was won by the company Sun Corridor.

Sun Corridor is an internet service company created by the University of Arizona, Arizona State University and Northern Arizona University.

One perk of the Sun Corridor connection is that they provide Brophy with an internet connection called Internet2.

Internet2 is a network connection for research and educational institutions. It helps speed up signals because it has separate servers from your average cox or centurylink service.

“The Internet2 means that we are going to have faster access to research materials and all things google,” Mr. Mulloy said.

Sun Corridor also allowed the school to triple it’s bandwidth from 1 GB to 3 GB. For reference, the average household has around 50-150MB of bandwidth.

 “Hopefully [the students] don’t notice it. If [the students] don’t notice bandwidth and wifi, then that means it’s working,” Mr. Mulloy said, “My hope is that students don’t notice any problems, and if they do notice anything it’s faster loading times, less buffering, less interruptions because of the increased bandwidth and the separate Internet2.”