‘Super Smash Brothers’ builds anticipation amid 3DS success

By Henry Erlandson ’16

After a successful opening for the 3DS, “Super Smash Brothers” is now on the WiiU with 14 new characters and plenty of changes.

Many can admit to the large amount of time when they played “Smash Brothers” with their friends, playing as some of the most iconic video game characters ever created.

You know, the legends, like Mario, Donkey Kong, Kirby and Pikachu.

When Nintendo released the new game Sept. 13 of this year, it showed players of “Smash Brothers” that it had delivered some worthy developments in gameplay and many of the modes.

A major change in the game is the creation of Mii avatars, which allow you to use your own Mii characters to fight with in all the different arenas.

There are three different categories a Mii can choose from to use in battle: brawler, sword-fighter or gunner.

Fans should also be excited because the WiiU and “Smash Brothers” still allow for the use of Gamecube controllers, an old habit many like to hold on to.

Some of the new characters like Lucina, Dark Pit and Greninja will take practice to master because of their new move sets and skills.

Another change is that Zelda and Sheik will also be separate characters rather than a combination like in the old game.

Some characters do not return like Snake.

For those who despise character’s old abilities you might not be disappointed.

“Bowser got a huge buff and is a top tier character now,” said Rodolfo Saldana 16, a Smash fan. “Some have gotten worse unfortunately, like Fox and Falco.”

Some of the iconic aspects of the game are its stages of various sizes and heights however, the problem is not being able to play on a flat map while keeping the great aspects one loved from the other maps.

“The great, new Omega Mode pretty much makes every stage flat and can get rid of all the stage effects and items,” Saldana said.

Overall, it seems “Super Smash Brothers” will hardly disappoint because of its huge improvements, despite still being limited to the WiiU and 3DS, both of which are expensive gaming devices.