Swim and dive soar over Salpointe at Speedo Invitational

By Josh Galvin ’13

The Brophy swim and dive team continues to lead the state as they took the gold home at several meets, including the Speedo Classic Invitational Oct. 2.

At this major invitational, the Broncos proved their merit, winning first place out of 38 teams with 333 points, beating out Salpointe, who came in second with 142 points.

“Most every single guy had their season’s best time. We had 18 swimmers qualify for state,” said head coach Mr. Patrick O’Neill.

The full list of event winners included Gabby Espinosa ’13, Jeremy Becker ’11, Carter Smith ’11, Shane Essert ’11, Tony Mead-Smith ’11, Wes Elford ’11, Chris Webb ’12, Tucker Wells ’13, Michael Nelson ’12 and J.J. Osborn ’14.

Although the invitational was cut short by bad weather, eliminating the last three events, the team still emerged with a comfortable lead and conviction that another win at state is imminent.

Mr. O’Neill sees this big win as a sign of victories to come, and he said he is confident about the team’s ability to remain the top high school swimming team in Arizona.

The team has already participated in almost 12 meets and was scheduled to compete Tuesday, Oct. 19 against Desert Vista.