Sylvia’s provides quality Mexican food

By Chase Stevens ’12

When most people think of Mexican food, images of a Chipotle burrito or a Taco Bell quesadilla enter their minds.

However, Sylvia’s on 7th Avenue is a step above today’s mass-produced Mexican food and offers authentic cuisine.

Once you are seated by the staff, you are presented with complimentary high quality chips and salsa.

One could possibly eat a whole meal of their chips and salsa.

They provide two different varieties of salsa, one with morsels of tomato, onions and other ingredients while the other is a traditional salsa.

The thicker salsa pleases the palette, while the thinner packs a nice heat to it.

The menu contains most of what you would expect when eating at a Mexican restaurant.

The regulars include enchiladas, burritos and tostadas along with sides of beans and rice.

The menu is rather large, containing many combinations to order.

My personal favorite dish at the restaurant was two tacos with a side of rice.

The tender taco meat tastes superb with the crisp lettuce, juicy tomatoes and excellent cheese.

I am still not sure if it is an extra seasoning they put in, the way they prepare the rice or if they just buy high quality ingredients, but the rice at Sylvia’s is a cut above the rest.

One way to make the meal even more enjoyable is to put the thin salsa onto the rice, making quite a delicacy.

Another item on the menu that is quite a delicacy is the burrito. It easily rivals Chipotle in both price and quality.

Prices aren’t through the roof either. Two tacos and a side of rice comes out to a total of $8, which is close to the cost of a Chipotle burrito.

Overall, if you want a nice, sit down meal that’s good but not too expensive, Sylvia’s is the place to go.

It’s good food, but it’s not a fancy, gourmet restaurant that you would take your date to before Prom.

I would give Sylvia’s three and a half stars out of five.