Jeff Bussey draws up a creative storm

Can you put on a hat and spin around in a chair three times and come up with mystical, artistic ideas?

Jeff Bussey ’11 might be able to.

Regardless of hat wearing skills and chair spinning abilities, the talented senior can to draw extremely well and create lyrical music with his band.

Bussey started his journey to being artistically creative freshman year, when he took the mandatory Intro to Fine Arts class. After that, he took both Beginning and Advanced Drawing with Mrs. Deb Cronin.

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‘Halo: Reach’ outstrips any other game this fall

By Chris Baca ’11

“Halo: Reach” is by far the best game to buy this fall and because this is Bungie’s last entry for this franchise, “Reach” is a game nobody can miss.

The “Halo” video game series starts in 2552 and pits the Covenant, an advanced alien coalition against a space colonizing humanity.

When first starting “Halo: Reach” the player is greeted with the character customization screen.

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The Music Sounds Better: Dirty Projectors, Beach House, Rollerskaters produce clever indie pop

Welcome back to The Roundup’s podcast “The Music Sounds Better.”
This edition we’ll be covering avant-garde rockers Dirty Projectors, Brophy’s own Rollerskaters and the neo-shoegaze duo Beach House.
So getting started, Dirty Projectors is one of those bands for all the music freaks out there.

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‘Iron Man 2’ Movie Review: ‘Iron’ has lost some of its luster, but continues to shine

As of May 7, the summer movie season has officially begun, and Tony Stark is the first one out the gate.

Early in ‘Iron Man 2’ there is a scene where Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) drops into his own Stark Expo and declares “It’s good to be back!”

This scene eerily imitates reality; anticipation has been building for this movie ever since the original came out in 2008.

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Nate’s Fingers share a long road with rock and roll

Matt Holmes ’10, Nick Weiss ’10, Matthew Xuereb ’10 and Parker Jones ’12 get together at Brophy events to rock students for the night in their band, Nate’s Fingers.
Holmes described the music as alternative rock with a punk attitude. Weiss called their music “loud and fast,” words that fit a punk bill.
They play at most Brophy functions that call for a live band: Friday night lights, Thursday night lights, Battle of the Bands and the Fine Arts Extravaganza. They have also begun branching out.

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Xavier Gator

What is your favorite thing to do on the weekends?
I spend a lot of time with my cat, because she’s friendly and a good listener.
Really now? What’s your cat’s name?

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It came from the Internet

Are you one of the millions of people who buys things online and agrees to terms and conditions with just a click of a button?
If so, you may have just sold your soul.
More than 7,500 people did just that on April 1 when they bought games from British videogame retailer Gamestation. They included a clause in their terms and conditions that said that if you buy a game from them, they owned your soul.

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Arctic Monkeys make memorable show, synced with Sleep Sun

As the sun went down over Tempe town lake people drizzled into the concert for the indie-rock bands.
They came by foot, car and light rail, getting there hours before the first band even got on stage.
Paired up with Sleepy Sun, the Arctic Monkeys left a rocking impression on the Marquee crowd April 15.

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Pull out the popcorn: Highly anticipated summer blockbusters coming soon

Anticipation can be a tricky thing.
It’s very hard to control but anticipate too much and the let-down can be tremendous.
Just look at the movies coming out this summer: Sure, there are some you should avoid like the plague (please don’t see “Twilight: Eclipse”) but it’s hard not to expect the best from some of the bigger blockbusters.

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Summer activities valley wide keep teens out of the heat

No travel plans, summer school or video games?

Want to avoid the heat wave?

No sweat. The Roundup columnists and staff have come up with a list of activities to keep you cool and entertained this summer.

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