It came from the Internet

By Jace Riley ’16 THE ROUNDUP www.donothingfor2minutes.com School can be stressful. Constant tests and hours of homework leave students exhausted. Sometimes students just want to do nothing. When you go to this website, you are given one objective: Just relax and listen to the waves. If you touch your mouse or keyboard, the timer restarts […]

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Students weigh best classroom tech tools

iPad proves to be imperfect tool By Jace Riley ’16 The Roundup Although Apple is dominating the tablet market, there are still some unanswered problems with the iPad. The iPad has a few bugs that are very apparent, and they can ruin your iPad experience. The iPad may work well for certain situations and is […]

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Vampire Weekend better than ever with new release

Vampire Weekend – Modern Vampires of the City 8 out of 10 By Jace Riley ’16 THE ROUNDUP The alternative rock band Vampire Weekend is back with another album that changes things up from the past. Opening to critical acclaim, the third album from the band has been given a plethora of high ratings from the […]

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