Motorola Droid gives iPhone a run for its money

Verizon Wireless released the extremely hyped Motorola Droid on Friday, Nov. 6, proudly fueled by Google’s Android 2.0 operating system.
But what is all the hype about?

As reported by Verizon Wireless, the company recently absorbed the Alltel network into its circle, making the network 80 million users strong.
This qualifies existing Verizon and Alltel users both for the Droid.

According to, the Droid acts as a strong competitor to the almighty Apple iPhone, featuring a full touch screen navigation, high resolution 854 x 440 pixel display, 16GB included and more than 10,000 apps. It is approximately the same dimensions as the iPhone, only with a bit more weight.

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The Roundup launches live game updates through Twitter

Want to know what’s going on with Brophy sports but can’t be at the game?

Don’t want to wait until the next day to see the score? Follow Brophy Sports on The Roundup’s new Twitter page and get the stats right away.

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E-mail replaces PA announcements, spurs mixed views

Do you hear that?

That silence at the start of every fourth hour?

The time that used to be filled with announcements booming over the loudspeakers is now filled with the clatter of keyboards, the whirl of computer fans and students staring at their computers screens with an almost audible intensity underlined by the chatter of quiet conversations. Instead of a student council member reading out loud, the daily announcements are now sent to students’ e-mails, and students have five minutes to read them before their fourth hour class.

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Keeping everthing running 24/7

“Keeping everything running 24/7 is one of the hardest parts,” said Mr. Blair Cook when asked about the most difficult aspects of his job.

The Brophy Tablet Program launched four years ago, and now all 1,270 students each use a Tablet PC computer as a tool in their classes.

It takes a team of fulltime professionals who work mostly behind the scenes to keep the school’s computers, network and data systems running smoothly.

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Network tuned-up by tech team

Widespread wireless connectivity problems on campus appear to be fixed.

After summer, schools have to get back into routines, but for a school based on technology problems can occur that are much more crippling than normal. Brophy this year faced a problem with connecting students and teachers to the Internet.

There were two problems interfering with the Internet connection at the beginning of the year: the random shutdown of access points and a conflict between sophomore computer network cards and the network.

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Tablets, tech advances create constant change

Brophy students study history and learn about the Ice Age, the Dark Age and the Middle Ages; Brophy is now feeling the full impact of the Tablet Age.

In the Tablet Age, the only thing that remains unchanged is change itself.

As Tablets became the campus norm, Brophy changed from a typical high school into a cyber-school. Now that every student possesses a Tablet, there are e-mail announcements, online quizzes and the technology room is busier than ever.

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Computerized campus adjusts to learning curve

Three years ago, I was one of a few hundred green Brophy freshmen standing in line to collect their computers as part of the new Tablet program.

We have since had the unique experience of watching the program evolve from being a class-exclusive experience to being a school-wide phenomenon.

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BCP completes Tablet conversion

Welcome to Classroom 2.0.
This year’s incoming freshmen make up the fourth “Tablet class,” marking the first year in Brophy history that all four classes are equipped with personal computers.

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