Teachers discuss possibility of changing to block schedule

Photo by Adrian Munguia’22 | Mr. Tom Danforth dismisses his third period English class as the bell interrupts mid-lesson.

By Adrian Munguia’22


Brophy is considering changing to a block schedule in the next few years to make educating the students more effective and most teachers agree.

“This would be good for most classes as it would provide more time for projects” and “is more similar to college schedules” Mr. Tom Danforth, an English Brophy teacher, claimed.

Danforth continued saying there was push back from the language department in the past when Brophy first considered the change, as they felt the students need the more frequent practice.

“Change wouldn’t be immediate,” Danforth said, because the faculty would need to be trained in keeping the students engaged throughout the period.

Mr. William Rutt, a Brophy Religion teacher, also believes the block schedule would be beneficial. Rutt feels that even when he can move the class along quickly he is always cut off by the bell at times that are most crucial.

“Momentum is hard to carry on from the day before,” says Rutt. With the daily interruption, Rutt feels that his lessons do not have as huge of an effect and says, “we end up losing more time trying to catch up the next day.”

Rutt also feels that the block schedule will provide an environment that will benefit in creating deeper relationships between each of the students.

Both teachers agreed that keeping the students in the class interested throughout the longer period would be the biggest challenge.

Though, Danforth was confident that Brophy could install methods with the teachers that would help to engage the students, which is why Danforth says the change would not be immediate.

Rutt also said that time saved from less class transitions would provide more opportune times for clubs to be scheduled or for other beneficials events.

Overall both teachers would be happy to transition to a block schedule.